Your Belief, Your Truth.


Born and raised as a Seventh Day Adventist, I think  it is surprising to advocate for any type of faith.  In fact, I truly believe in my God, The One  I walk with every day, the One Who lives in my heart; The One Who listens and answers me whenever I seek Him.

Of course, I believe the seventh day is the day set a part to praise and adore Him completely. I train my daughters in the same path. I praise God Jehovah, as well as Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I also believe that I am saved because of the sacrifice of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

I have seen miracles done in my own life and others’ lives. The way I believe, is the truth for me. I am a follower, I belong to a Christian Church,  created by a group of men and women 170 years ago. I can’t even imagine that I could change to a different doctrine/religion because  The way I believe has always worked for me.  Whenever I get stuck in  this life, my Lord has been there to deliver me no matter what.

From where I came from, there is no other way on earth I could be that successful in this life without my Lord, my Savior and that is my belief, the way I was taught about Him since I was born. I have seen His Hands taking  me out of difficult times. Being the oldest child, when I  turned 14,  I was already an orphan, but I never felt alone, He was always with me,  guiding me surely: studying and working  while taking care of my 2 youngest sisters. We were going to church every Sabbath, we were praising and praying our Lord at home as we were taught to, and this worked perfectly for me.

Even now, more than ever, I feel Him closer to me, when most of the times I don’t even act properly. He has blessed overwhelmingly my family. Very deeply, I have always believed that if God is real, He has to be real  in my life. Whatever I have heard or learned about Him is good to know, but what is really great is the fact that He is real in my life.

Who can tell me that my way of believing is wrong? How on earth someone would be able to show me something different?

And of course, I wanted to believe that was the only way, I tried to convince others to be like me, to  be Seventh Day Adventist as well.

I have come to discover that the way people  believe doesn’t matter at all. There are so many ways…From Seventh Day Adventist to Atheist: Which one is truth? One of them or none of them? Why not all of them?

Why should that matter if all of them work for some of those that follow them: Miracles happen everywhere for those who believe and even don’t believe in miracles. Some people truly believe in “Saints” because they have had results or they know someone who had been blessed that way. I don’t believe in “Saints” and why should that matter to convince them that they are wrong, simply because it is not my belief? It has worked for them, this will be always true (to them).

I don’t believe there is any absolute truth about the way ones believe or not. What is the Religion that works 100% for its followers? NONE.

Most people die with the hope to have a better life, to be cured from a certain disease, etc… That’s the truth about religions, none of them work for all their followers.  However, I was tempted to believe that my own experiences with my God were directly linked to my religion, when unfortunately few people in my religion can refer to their own experiences like me, while surprisingly people from different beliefs are having  the same type of experiences.

Every believer representing a doctrine or a religion has been making the attempt to say that they have the truth which is actually their truth based on their own understanding, What proof can I have, can you have about our beliefs that would make any change to the ongoing way of the world? NONE.

Each one will continue to fight, to sustain their own belief, besides the economical and social power/interest we have behind each one. Since the beginning, God has been a Mystery.  Each individual has been having his own and personnel experience with HIM, so we will always have our interpretation of God. I believe that GOD Himself understands this fact and that is okay with HIM. The Day HE wants us to have the same view of HIM, He will reveal Himself to everyone, the same way.

If we can live in this time where technology is growing significantly, we are not to simply repeat things that are no longer sustainable. The concept of God, only, refers to Superpower and I understand that, before, people couldn’t have a clear view of what a Superpower could be. Also, God should be someone practical, pragmatic not theoretical. And if we refer to the creation of the universe for which He takes credit, we can see that He is Logical: everything works perfectly.

In my opinion, Technology is helping us to understand GOD. No one has ever seen INTERNET, but everyone believes in Internet TODAY.  Now, did the entire world believe in Internet 50 years ago?  NO. Fifty (50) years ago, that means,  year 1966, Internet was starting to exist in about 3 countries: USA, Great Britain and France. I can even imagine if those professors working in these science laboratories could believe in what Internet is TODAY and the Power that goes with it. Maybe the time hasn’t come yet for us to have a clear and common understanding of God; so why fighting with someone to believe in God your way?  Why even fighting with someone to Believe in God? This is not necessary, we can simply accept these facts as temporary. If God is True, at some point, He will be true for all of us because no one will ever question His existence. The Truth is absolutely true only when it becomes unquestionable.

Of course you need “Faith” to believe in things you can’t see or things that will happen when you don’t see how.

God has to be Bigger than any type of technological revolution, in other words, Technology will bring humanity to GOD and then the view of God will be the same. (That’s my own projection)



Author: Dr. Ashley Pierre

Ashley Pierre, born Haitian, holds a Ph.D. in Physical Education. He is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). He worked in the Haitian public administration, Secretary of Education and Sports for 10 years, and worked as a Professor at various Universities in Haiti. Later, he worked at the Florida Department of Children and Families and finally as a teacher at different schools in Florida, USA. He is the President & CEO of Behavior Analysis Resources and Education (BARE), Inc., a company that provides Applied Behavior Analysis and Educational Services located in Florida. As a human, he understands that conspiracy theories have been developed over thousands of years and serve as Establishing Operation for most human behaviors that keep them distracted from taking the road of Science and Technology. He also believes that human beings are still living in the cave Plato referred to in the "Allegory of the Cave" and that no access to knowledge (represented by the sun) is the main reason why they are unable to change their reality. Their underdeveloped brain which is being also controlled by the institutions who get their power placing themselves at the entrance of the cave, then projecting a reflection of the sun to those in the cave, makes them feel comfortable and not even willing to get out of the cave. Consequently, human beings live in their divided world which has limited our understanding of ourselves, life, the universe, and even "God" or " the many gods" most of them believe in and think they know and can talk about. Dr. Pierre advocates for tolerance at all levels: whether you choose to believe in any God a certain way or not to believe at all; to him, it doesn't matter. In his opinion, if there is a "true God" or many "gods" they should reveal themselves or He should reveal Himself to all humans the same way or be the same for/to everyone. According to Dr. Pierre, the only way God can exist is if He exists for all the same way yesterday, today, and tomorrow, which seems not to be the case. Ashley Pierre is the father of two beautiful daughters and the husband of a wonderful woman. Although Ashley has been a Seventh Day Adventist Christian all his life, he now knows that religion is a man-made thing. He deeply believes that every human can choose to be a good man without practicing a religion. Historically, it is true that many "good men" true humanists advocating for the well being of all humans, fighting against injustice, discriminations, abuse of power, slavery, and promoting equality and human rights had and still, as of today, have nothing to do with any manufactured religion. He has also discovered that religion has failed to lead humanity to a better world, or to any "God" each of them wants humans to believe in. Instead, he sustains that Science and Technology are in a better position to do so if used smartly and if access is granted to everyone, everywhere in the world.

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  1. The difference is not in the truth of the matter, for the belief itself is either true or not regardless of any belief as to its truth. That realization, and the humility that should accompany it, emphasizes the importance of reviewing your beliefs.

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