Well, well, well…

Get ready to discover the true meaning of the world known story of Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden. One thing for sure, we don’t know if we will ever be able to verify whether or not this story is true. However, there is something that is really true about it. And it is about to be discovered:

  • Adam & Eve ate the fruit and their eyes were open. In other words, they were living in paradise, everything was perfect, but they weren’t able to see. How perfect were things then, if they weren’t able to see or to differentiate between good and bad? This part doesn’t add up, does it?

The fact of the matter is that only after eating the “FRUIT” their eyes got open, and they were able to distinguish between good and bad, they even saw how “naked” they were. And as a result, they were kicked out of the garden.

Wow! If that was true back then, it has to be true today, and in fact, it is true:

  • Look, if your eyes are open, surely you can see that you are poor, you can see that you have no access to available treatment because you simply can’t afford it, neither have you access to good education, much less to the technological resources only few human beings are using. If your eyes are open, you should be able to see that you are “naked” and you should be able to know the reason why only few people have everything when more than 60% have absolutely nothing. You should be able to know why this category of people born in poverty, live and die the same way; you should also be able to know the reason why this situation is far from changing its course. When your eyes are open, you can understand the reason why these people, you included maybe, are still in the garden of Eden and can’t figure out for themselves the reason why. When your eyes are open, you will understand the reason why they will never get out of the garden unless someone pushes them to do what Adam & Eve and the other few people, who have everything, did: EAT the FRUIT of Knowledge.

If you are poor and religious, it is because you are still in the garden, “blind”. If you can’t have a better life on this earth and yet you are ready to sacrifice your life for your beliefs, it is because your eyes aren’t open, you are still in the garden of Eden, and my prediction is that you will die in the garden, your kids will die in the garden too, like you were born in the garden and never get a chance to eat the FRUIT of knowledge. You need to do what Adam & Eve and the others did: Just eat the FRUIT, and surely when your eyes are open, you will be kicked out of the garden.

For the last 7 thousand years or so, we have been told the history of only those who got their eyes open. They have been able to manage to survive, to get wealth and to accommodate themselves while taking advantage over those who stay in the garden, oppressing them as they are “blind” to secure their well being. The ones who got their eyes open, not only did they live their real story, but they have been the ones who control what and how to tell you their story. In addition, they are the ones who also interpret their story for you, they are the ones explaining you your own story. Remember, they are out of the garden because their eyes got open and yet they do whatever it takes to keep you in the garden, so that you never understand the essence of your own life and surrounding.

Fortunately, they are not the only ones with their eyes open; they may still control your brain, they may have a lot of power, they may still keep you believing their god’s stories, their social economical structures and they will do so until one last day: Until our eyes got open collectively and we decide to be part of their stories but this time actively. Yes, there is a group of us, who got the chance to eat the FRUIT of Knowledge and got our eyes open. We refuse to adjust or accommodate to this “WORLD ORDER” when more than 5 billions of our brothers and sisters still live in the garden. This group of us, around the world, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to have you eat that FRUIT and got your eyes open so that you can get out of the garden in order to make sure at least your grand children don’t die in poverty.

We don’t have their power, their wealth and their influence on your brain; so it is not really simple since you have lived in the garden generations after generations. Your blindness, your lost of sight has significantly worsen. They gave you the religions along with the many gods they themselves created in whom they no longer even believe, keeping you in the garden, blind, while out there they are benefiting from the knowledge they have found as they keep digging to know even more.

Now, they are out of control, they are panicked because they are losing control of your brain…Many of us who got to eat the FRUIT and make it out of the garden, are exposing their lies. Although they will continue to do whatever it takes to keep controlling your brain with their religions, in our side, we are doing whatever it takes as well to just show you the FRUIT of Knowledge so that you can eat it too. Instead of rejecting us, instead of not paying attention to us, look around yourselves and ask these questions: Who really cares about you? Why since you were born, you are suffering? why can’t you have a decent life? What have you done wrong? Why do few people have everything while you and the great majority live in poverty? Where does this “world order” come from? By who and how did it start?

EAT the FRUIT, your eyes will open and you will see why. You will see and understand how they created good and evil…as many other characters, good and evil were created by those men who got out of the garden and since then, many more gods (Anu, Osiris, Set, Jehovah, Eloim, Satan, Baal,  Zeus, Jesus etc.), and many characters have been created such as: Superman, Black Panther, Superwoman, Green Lantern, Batman, The Flash, Volverine etc.). They all have one thing in common: They are always more powerful than humans while they are described in human terms. Just think about it for a moment:

In all their stories, the good ones are always fighting against the evil ones, and want to help, to protect the vulnerable, they want justice. The evil ones always got a lot of power as well but to oppress, to take advantage of the vulnerable, and they will always control until one day…one last day when the good ones triumph. But the good always have to work hard… Let’s work hard then!