When I was a child, I learned that a Christian is someone who will defend the truth, someone that keeps his words once he has enunciated them. My teachers taught me that a Christian should not be a POLITICIAN because POLITICIANS are renowned for being “LIARS and FAKE.” I do not have any problem with politicians, [one rarely finds honest ones]… My question is with those Christians who knowingly elect them while claiming they promote “good moral values”; shame on those Christians.

Today, in the US and abroad, I have discovered that some Christians are worse than politicians. Not only do they flip flop at their convenience, but they also have the nerve to keep preaching their so-called “good values and morals” …

SHAME on those Christians faking that they are pro-life, anti-abortion, anti-same-sex marriage, and protesting a movie on Netflix, when they show no concerns for making this world a better place for all. They are simply distracting you from what really matters. SHAME on THOSE! Do not listen to them, they are FAKE; even if they are your pastors, elders, priests, etc. Our fight for a Better World for All has just started. We must carry it all the way to the next generations until we as a society make it true.


John Lewis Led and participated in over 1000 protests, arrested 45 times, and is considered a world icon for defending the Rightless ones!
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, notorious for fighting for equal rights and against gender discrimination even as an Associate Justice on the supreme court, also a world icon!
Donald J Trump, like his father, lives to promote his own/social white privilege. He is known as a racist, a cheater, a liar, and a selfish who never plays by the rules, even as President.

Two of them spent their entire lifetime fighting for others’ rights, the other spent his whole life living and protecting his white privilege even if that means disregarding others’ rights. YES, between John LEWIS, Ruth GINSBURG, and Donald TRUMP, the choice could not be more straightforward for those who are able to compare and contrast.

When Christians support Donald Trump, they are destroying John Lewis’ and Ruth Ginsburg’s legacies…When Christians support Mitch McConnell, they are telling the whole world that they do not care about others’ rights to choose, to love, to live free, to be fed, to have shelter, and to get medical treatment. By the way, those are fundamental rights, human rights… and real Christians do support them.

When Christians support Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz, they tell you: It is okay to say one thing today and change it tomorrow if it fits your interests. On October 3rd, 2018, Washington Examiner reported a statement from Lindsey Graham saying: “I’ll tell you this if an opening comes in the last year of President Trump’s term, and the primary process has started, we’ll wait until the next election,” And he added: “You can use my words against me,” that was two years ago. However, right after the passing of Justice RBG, shamelessly, he found new reasons to change his mind, and he tweeted: “I will support President @realDonaldTrump in any effort to move forward regarding the recent vacancy created by the passing of Justice Ginsburg.” Honesty, Integrity, Truthfulness are of no VALUE to those Christians…Shame on THEM!

When you hear those Christians talk about the “BIBLE”, remember that same Bible was used to keep women without rights, slavery ongoing, discrimination against black people, and to justify the holocaust. Same as when you hear those republicans talk about the “Constitution”, remind them that Ruth Ginsburg based all her positions on that same CONSTITUTION. It is time for these people, Republicans, and fake Christians to stop using either the bible or the US constitution to maintain and promote their own personal/social privileges, while disregarding others’ rights…

A real CHRISTIAN should always be a defensor and protector for the fatherless, the weak, the poor, the unfortunate, the immigrant, the disabled, and minorities. No REAL Christian should be too capitalist or so individualist…SHAME on THOSE who are! It is time to call them out!

A REAL CHRISTIAN should join the fight to keep John LEWIS’ legacy alive, a man that has been arrested 45 times only for defending the Rightless…VS another man (Donald Trump) that has never experienced the loss of any right.

Throughout history, Christians (knowingly or unknowingly) have always been on the wrong side of human history, (Women’s rights, rights for people living with disabilities, slavery, black discrimination, the Holocaust, etc.).  Still today, they seem to not have learned the lessons. SHAME on THOSE who should have known better today.

Author: Dr. Ashley Pierre

Ashley Pierre, born Haitian, holds a Ph.D. in Physical Education. He is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). He worked in the Haitian public administration, Secretary of Education and Sports for 10 years, and worked as a Professor at various Universities in Haiti. Later, he worked at the Florida Department of Children and Families and finally as a teacher at different schools in Florida, USA. He is the President & CEO of Behavior Analysis Resources and Education (BARE), Inc., a company that provides Applied Behavior Analysis and Educational Services located in Florida. As a human, he understands that conspiracy theories have been developed over thousands of years and serve as Establishing Operation for most human behaviors that keep them distracted from taking the road of Science and Technology. He also believes that human beings are still living in the cave Plato referred to in the "Allegory of the Cave" and that no access to knowledge (represented by the sun) is the main reason why they are unable to change their reality. Their underdeveloped brain which is being also controlled by the institutions who get their power placing themselves at the entrance of the cave, then projecting a reflection of the sun to those in the cave, makes them feel comfortable and not even willing to get out of the cave. Consequently, human beings live in their divided world which has limited our understanding of ourselves, life, the universe, and even "God" or " the many gods" most of them believe in and think they know and can talk about. Dr. Pierre advocates for tolerance at all levels: whether you choose to believe in any God a certain way or not to believe at all; to him, it doesn't matter. In his opinion, if there is a "true God" or many "gods" they should reveal themselves or He should reveal Himself to all humans the same way or be the same for/to everyone. According to Dr. Pierre, the only way God can exist is if He exists for all the same way yesterday, today, and tomorrow, which seems not to be the case. Ashley Pierre is the father of two beautiful daughters and the husband of a wonderful woman. Although Ashley has been a Seventh Day Adventist Christian all his life, he now knows that religion is a man-made thing. He deeply believes that every human can choose to be a good man without practicing a religion. Historically, it is true that many "good men" true humanists advocating for the well being of all humans, fighting against injustice, discriminations, abuse of power, slavery, and promoting equality and human rights had and still, as of today, have nothing to do with any manufactured religion. He has also discovered that religion has failed to lead humanity to a better world, or to any "God" each of them wants humans to believe in. Instead, he sustains that Science and Technology are in a better position to do so if used smartly and if access is granted to everyone, everywhere in the world.

2 thoughts on “SHAME ON THOSE CHRISTIANS!!!”

  1. Dr Ashley, you nailed it !!!!!
    If you did not awaken their conscience, I don’t know what will.
    When talking to them, they are quick to say “I am not into politics “but yet ,now days Christians = Politicians if not worse like you mentioned.
    I hope they read ,understand , make a Uturn and make it right.because it’s still not too late to do the right thing, which is
    Represent the voiceless like they should. By the way, you can support by voting for someone that cares about them.
    It is clear these Republicans need to be out of office,here is your chance to vote them out.
    Definitely in this election :the voiceless, the immigrants, the minorities ,the disabled ,the fatherless ,Woman rights and human rights are on the ballot .
    Thank you Dr Ashley for talking to us all.

  2. Dr. Pierre, remember that “Congress will not make any law that respects an establishment of religion, or prohibits the free exercise of it.” (First Amendment, 1791), but “In God We Trust” (American motto, 1956). That means you have to “believe in God” to pretend to be a politician in this country. It’s another thing to believe and live in God’s will. Don’t waste time on religious matters, politics and religion have the same origin: power and control.

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