Ideology, is it the real source of our challenges?

One may try to share his views on the world status-quo and express, like I do, his concerns and wishes for a better world, more just, more joyful for all.
In fact, maybe we have not been able to collectively identify the real source of the issues we are facing as human beings. I am inclined to suggest that the concept of “Ideology“, could be that source.

Look, we all agree on it, no one has ever questioned the problem posed by it, how it separates humans legally, normally. We understand Ideology to be okay regardless of its impact on reality unless it comes from an extremist view, correct?
Is there any ideology that promotes the well-being of all human beings, regardless of their ethnicity, origins, status, level of intellectual development, and scientific literacy?
Of course, there is.

Does the whole world know about it? Of course not.
The whole world population is not even fully aware of its own existence, much less its miserable reality. The level of self-awareness, self conscientiousness, is still very low. The great majority of human beings are still living at the animal stage of development, with the exception of the ability to say and repeat words as a form of communication.

In most parts of the world, the educational system is still based on belief systems which, although with some openness in some places, tacitly continue to feed the brains on that respect.

Think about it: The whole world still has never learned about Socrates, Plato, and yet most people know about Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Shiva, Jehovah, Allah…
Again, the whole world doesn’t know about Galileo, Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Carl Sagan, Nikola Tesla for what they brought to humanity, they do know about what they believed in, as a way to validate belief systems. Believers are prompt to quote Einstein when he said: ‘Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind’ but you barely find them quote him saying: “The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology.

The whole world doesn’t know about most of those whose critical thinking skills help differentiate truth from lies, reality from fiction, knowledge from beliefs, science from spirituality, evidence-based cause-effect relationship from an imaginary cause-effect relationship, among those we can mention Friedrich Nietzsche, for example.

I wonder why…

Why did the human society not only chose that path, but still chooses to promote it even under the Freedom promotion umbrella? Freedom of speech, religious liberty, freedom of opinions…

unfortunately today, in the 21st century, of course if we want to play in people’s mind, it is still feasible. Talk therapy still works in taking people away from reality, but is it fair to do so when knowingly their reality will not change? On the contrary, the probability for their reality to change is significantly higher if they are taught the truth. Men have the natural ability to cope with their reality, to understand it even if they are unable to change it in the moment. I empathize with those who thought otherwise, thus creating this conditioned response (human dependency) contingent upon the fictional stimulus. Consequently, it has become almost impossible to educate human beings on cause and effect based on functional relationship principle.

Let me give a clear example:

When we mention Nelson Mandela, do we question why in the 20th century, the human society allowed him to spend 27 years in prison? And yet we repeat so, we celebrate his accomplishments… My point is, we know we cannot change the past, but if we keep losing focus on the real cause of our challenges, we risk to spend another thousand years or more with the same type of status quo.

Nelson Mandela was not put in jail by extraterrestrial beings, and even when this act was being denounced, the society didn’t act to have him liberated until 27 years later. Mandela is a single example out of millions throughout human lifetime experience on planet earth. The fact that we have legalized the theory of Ideology as the basis of everything we do on earth and beyond in order to promote and to maintain the status quo, but not to promote the truth, has jeopardized and compromised any attempt to spread truth based information, knowledge and even beliefs.

Behind the theory of free ideology which serves the function of a distraction, there is the law of eternal and continuous unfairness where the oppressors always get away with injustice and lies and fictions are always 100 light years ahead of truths, making it materially impossible for truths to catch up with them, much less to move pass them. If you want to understand this law, think of slavery, racism, colonialism, segregation, etc. Will there ever be reparation? restitution? We know the answer: “Never”. What we always get is: Slavery has ended, Racism has ended, Segregation has ended, colonialism has ended… I mean, officially, legally…

Do you have any idea of how long will it take to make things even for all?

It may seem utopic to promote, even to talk about a universal ideology, but rest assured that this is the road for a better society, for a more humanist society. An ideology that is based on truth, meaning objective truth, knowledge, meaning evidence-based knowledge, tolerance, fairness, dignity, scientific thinking and communication. An ideology that will not bar personal opinions, but that will be guided by facts, truth, data. An ideology that will promote individual liberty while securing the collective welfare as its main mission, an ideology that will always take into consideration individual differences, limitations and disabilities but will consider every single living human being as part of the same species.