America, the Jungle?

America back to the Jungle state…

When the US General Attorney, Mr. Williams BARR, states during an interview at CBS, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, that universal mask mandate or lock-down is like “slavery” in the sense of taking people’s freedom away, we know we are not living the reality we wanted to believe.

When the President of the United States, Donald Trump, with the complicity of his administration, decides to hijack the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a world-renown scientific health institution in the US, to promote his alternative guidelines with respect to Covid-19, ignoring the CDC scientists’objection.

When this president, during a town hall, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, says, Mask is not so effective in preventing the spread of the virus against the well-documented view of the scientific community; And to go on stage next day to say that the CDC director made a mistake when saying the vaccine will not be ready until next year, and that mask is safer than any vaccine… Oh lord!

When all this president has done and said overtly and covertly can get the blessing of his supporters, we know for sure this is not the reality we could ever imagine we are living.

Besides, when, like never before in the US history, all these people coming out from the Trump administration talking, testifying on how terrible this president has been, how he is unfit for the job, how he doesn’t care for the people, how he dehumanizes them, and yet, his supporters, the ones with high or not so highly developed critical thinking skills keep showing that support and want eagerly to reward him with a second term, we know these times we are living in cannot be the real ones we thought.

When listening to his own voice saying how he downplayed the virus causing, as of today, close to 200 thousand deaths, lost of thousands of small businesses, schools still unable to reopen safely, and yet he had the courage to now say he never downplayed it, instead he up-played it…

When he keeps showing no concern for the ones dying daily but comparing to what the number of deaths should otherwise be, based on the previous prediction, and feels proud about it publicly…

People, when you thought you were living reality and suddenly you realize you were dreaming…It was a dream, yes, America was a dream, and I say: Thank you, Trump. Thank you very much for waking us up from that dream.
We just woke up from the dream of living in a country where reasoning, common sense, lawfulness, truthfulness, liberty, fairness, science, humanity, and more were its guiding principles. We thought we were living those things, but thanks to Trump, we are realizing it was just a dream. It was a dream because America was never really living those things, rather an aspiration, an idea for so many believing that; and Trump just told us, openly, that was a dream.

The guy openly tells us and shows us who he is, how he thinks and how he is and the people keep liking him, and want him as their president, as the leader of this country. They did that once, and they are about to do it again. In the meantime, there is not even one institution within the US system where it is possible to stop this man. He controls them all. What does that mean?
We need to simply understand who these people are. The ones within the US system supporting him, and the ones voting for him. They are all like Trump. This is what it means. No other relevant explanation, because the braves have already come out and have told us he is not the man for this job.

How is it that we are even accepting the fact that he can rerun for President? No guidelines in the Electoral Council to disqualify him. No guidelines in the Supreme Court to disqualify him. Based on everything we know today from direct sources? Who can be the accomplices of Trump if they were not like him in those days of light, of information, of direct reporting, overwhelming evidence of his mental incapacity, his ego, his disregard for the same people who support him? His state of continuous denial of the facts, or of science whenever his personal interests are in play? Did the people read the Senate report on how Trump welcomed the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election? Did the people read the impeachment document? All these scandals around one president, his own Secretary of Defense, along many others, saying he is not fit for president?

For the first time ever, within about 4 years of his presidency, so many books coming out to tell only one story: How Trump is unfit for President and yet those like him not only chose to keep him in power but want him again for another 4 years.

Trump can promote his truth regardless of what the whole world combined says. Only what he says is true, and anyone else, whoever you maybe, if you say anything contrary to what Trump says or believes, you are wrong in the eyes of his supporters, Trump will throw you under the bus and you are wrong in the eyes of the ones who keep him in power. What makes it even worst, you may bring the overwhelming evidence with you, you are still wrong. Things only are the way Trump sees them at the time he does.

So, people, if AG Barr was able to compare the lock-down to the time of slavery, I can also draw the following with respect to what is happening in Trump America: This is not even 2000 years ago, this is 8, even 10 thousand years ago or more. This is the “JUNGLE.”

The power at the hands of the strongest, they have all the power, and whatever they say or do, has to be true, respected, and followed. That is the JUNGLE, yes America is still in the JUNGLE and we did not know that. Or we were dreaming we were not in the JUNGLE. So sad. That is so sad, America with Trump is like going back to Jungle or we have always been in the jungle believing, just dreaming that we were not there, and here comes Trump to remind us all our sad reality. There is only Trump, there is no law, there is no fairness, there is no science, there is no humanity, there are no critical thinking skills, no objective data evidence-based driven decisions except how TRUMP SEES and BELIEVES.

Author: Dr. Ashley Pierre

Ashley Pierre, born Haitian, holds a Ph.D. in Physical Education. He is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). He worked in the Haitian public administration, Secretary of Education and Sports for 10 years, and worked as a Professor at various Universities in Haiti. Later, he worked at the Florida Department of Children and Families and finally as a teacher at different schools in Florida, USA. He is the President & CEO of Behavior Analysis Resources and Education (BARE), Inc., a company that provides Applied Behavior Analysis and Educational Services located in Florida. As a human, he understands that conspiracy theories have been developed over thousands of years and serve as Establishing Operation for most human behaviors that keep them distracted from taking the road of Science and Technology. He also believes that human beings are still living in the cave Plato referred to in the "Allegory of the Cave" and that no access to knowledge (represented by the sun) is the main reason why they are unable to change their reality. Their underdeveloped brain which is being also controlled by the institutions who get their power placing themselves at the entrance of the cave, then projecting a reflection of the sun to those in the cave, makes them feel comfortable and not even willing to get out of the cave. Consequently, human beings live in their divided world which has limited our understanding of ourselves, life, the universe, and even "God" or " the many gods" most of them believe in and think they know and can talk about. Dr. Pierre advocates for tolerance at all levels: whether you choose to believe in any God a certain way or not to believe at all; to him, it doesn't matter. In his opinion, if there is a "true God" or many "gods" they should reveal themselves or He should reveal Himself to all humans the same way or be the same for/to everyone. According to Dr. Pierre, the only way God can exist is if He exists for all the same way yesterday, today, and tomorrow, which seems not to be the case. Ashley Pierre is the father of two beautiful daughters and the husband of a wonderful woman. Although Ashley has been a Seventh Day Adventist Christian all his life, he now knows that religion is a man-made thing. He deeply believes that every human can choose to be a good man without practicing a religion. Historically, it is true that many "good men" true humanists advocating for the well being of all humans, fighting against injustice, discriminations, abuse of power, slavery, and promoting equality and human rights had and still, as of today, have nothing to do with any manufactured religion. He has also discovered that religion has failed to lead humanity to a better world, or to any "God" each of them wants humans to believe in. Instead, he sustains that Science and Technology are in a better position to do so if used smartly and if access is granted to everyone, everywhere in the world.

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