The Jesus the Christian Church Doesn’t Talk About

Jonathan Merrit on his blog “Faith and Culture” wrote an article titled:  “Setting the records straight on Jesus, the Friend of Sinners”. Lots of opinion, studies including from columnists, Bloggers have been done on the matter.

Although some of my Christian friends have already categorized me as confused, I want to, once again, challenge what Christians have been promoting about Jesus, and how they have avoided showing the world who Jesus really was.

If a member of the Christian church questions the way things are being held in the said church or a passage from the called Bible, this person will most likely be isolated because the status quo of any church will never acknowledge anyone who wants to highlight its wrong side. Doesn’t this characteristic seem familiar with what happened with the status quo of the Jewish leaders back in Jesus’s time?

The purpose of this lecture is to emphasize the reason why Jesus, the one the Christian church doesn’t talk about, is actually the one that really matters.

Let’s analyze.

Who was Jesus? Why was he killed?

Let’s understand that many things that we are told about Jesus from the new testament, especially the 4 gospels, have the purpose of justifying the idea they wanted you to believe about Jesus. In other words, those things may have been exaggerated or fabricated. I am going to put them into context and try to seize the essence of the information they provided, taking into consideration other historical documents about what happened in Israel, 2000 years ago.

because I may refer to these writings doesn’t mean I am promoting everything they reported; among those things, we have stories such as his birth, his resurrection, etc.

John the Baptist was leading a movement, and Jesus took over when John was killed. Actually, that is what eventually occurred without interpretation. Jesus could be easily identified as a revolutionary man, who thought that Israel was suffering because the Jewish leaders weren’t complying with God’s will. They were hypocritical, judgmental, selfish, pretentious, and overall false people preaching one thing but doing the complete opposite. He was a dreamer of a better world and he wanted to show that it was possible if men could simply love each other, instead of preaching or pretending that religious beliefs could turn this world into a better place. Jesus, without denying his Jewish identity, stood up against the Jewish establishment as well as the Roman empire that was not working in favor of humanity, in favor of the poor, the women, the oppressed, etc.

If Jesus didn’t promote a religious way for this world to be a better place, why then, do Christians do so in his name?

Don’t you think that if Jesus was alive today, he would stand against the Christian churches, preaching one thing but doing the complete opposite? Why with so many Christians, there is no real love between men? Christians among themselves don’t even love each other.

The best part of Christianity is that Christian leaders and followers are most likely ready to die for saying that they believe in Jesus or for talking about Jesus than to simply be like Jesus.

It has been proven that whoever records occurring events they have been part of, are unable to take away their own way of thinking from their writings- meaning that they cannot distinguish the difference between their own thoughts, and their recounts of that gathering. We are going to dig deep into the thinking of those who wrote about Jesus and convey that somehow their writings are connected to their Jewish perception of reality.

First and foremost, supposedly, they were all Jews. Jews do have a traditional view of people: righteous vs. wicked, where the first are the ones observing/following God’s law, and the second are the ones violating it, also called sinners.

That is exactly the reason why we found many people called “sinners”  throughout those writings; and while Jesus basically associated himself with “sinners” according to their view, they emphasize their writings on the sinners’ need to repent in order to receive grace through Jesus, whether to simply show that Jesus made no such distinction. Any bible scholar will have difficulty in proving otherwise.

Again, the actual/historical Jesus made no such distinction, instead, he was fighting against this type of distinction: Jesus’s main message was that all men are equal regardless of their status, beliefs, origin, race, gender, etc. However, those writers were not able to reproduce the full Jesus because they kept believing in such distinction; keep in mind, that when the Gospels state: “Jesus associated himself with the wicked, the sinners,” that was their own understanding. In fact, Jesus himself considered these people just as valuable as anyone else.

All the new testament writers were forced to report some of Jesus’s acts that are against their beliefs, but in the end, they twisted their conclusion to their original Jewish belief. By calling Jesus the “friends of sinners” the writers of the new testament found a way to twist Jesus’ work. But it is clear when we dig into the events, any simple observer would conclude that is not how Jesus saw these people they called sinners.  The best way to understand my point is to look at Jesus’ actions as a human who simply cares for his brothers, not with the eyes of a Jew. We all know that the immediate disciples of Jesus after His death didn’t have the same perception of Him which was manifested through their writings. This is clear evidence of why there are multiple interpretations of the same writings that give us so many doctrinal views. However, the predominant view is that God loves us all, but we are all sinners and we need to repent in order to benefit from God’s grace through Jesus. The only fact here is that No one, not the disciples, nor the Vatican or the other denominations did or are doing what Jesus did. Am I wrong, bible scholars?

If any Christian leader talks about the woman caught in adultery, he/she would end up quoting Jesus saying to her: “Go and sin no more”; actually there is no proof that Jesus actually said that since all of them left, including those writing the event. How did they get what Jesus told this woman? Oh please, don’t come with the inspiration part. That was something that actually took place at a certain place and time with people witnessing and among them those who wrote the story. The only person that could report the story to the end is either Jesus or the woman. As we know, Jesus didn’t write, and we don’t know if this woman wrote the story or not, exactly because the early church leaders wouldn’t promote any female writing as normal.

If you ask the Christian church leaders what would Jesus do with gays, they will soon refer to some writings of Paul or others to show you that it is unacceptable, but if we go back and look at the Historical Jesus, we would clearly see a Jesus that embraces them like his brothers, eat with them and show them, love. He will not condemn them nor ask them to be different so that they may receive his grace. What matters to Jesus is the fact that we love each other with no set pre-concepts as it has been the case with the Jewish establishment.

Of course, the Jewish establishment would never accept someone of Jesus’ type who also pretends to be the way, the life, and the true saying that no one gets to the Father but through Him…Somehow, Jesus placed himself in a bad situation, according to the writers.

Nevertheless, let’s not focus on whether or not Jesus is the Messiah, in fact, according to a deep and accurate presentation of The Real Messiah part 1 and 2  by Dr. Michael Brown (, the Messiah as it is announced to the Jews cannot be Jesus.  Anyway, Judaism doesn’t promote Jesus at all. The Muslims don’t believe he is the Messiah either, nor do they believe he was resurrected. The only people who promote Jesus are the Christians but their focus is anything except on what Jesus really stood for. For example, they introduced the concept of eternal life only through Jesus when he comes back, the forgiveness of sin only through his blood.

I deeply believe if the focus was on what Jesus stood for and how to keep it up, the Christians who have decided to promote Jesus would have done a better job in this world, and the world would have been a better place.

Now let’s look at the reason why Jesus was killed.

Jesus’ revolutionary movement against the Jewish establishment forced them to go after Him. His rhetorical responses to each of their questions when they wanted to use scriptures and laws ashamed them as well. Obviously, Jesus was a martyr. In addition, there are other facts that without any doubt give Jesus the number one in this world: His birth divided the two historical periods of time, lots of miracles have taken place in his name. Anyone who truly puts his faith in Him and claims His name may see answers, deliverance, healing, etc. Anyway, this is not surprising since miracles take place in the name of many other historical figures. People who face persecution from other wicked spirits may find lots of blessings through Jesus. I personally have great references.

But again, if individually, few people can benefit from the spiritual claims of Jesus’ power, it is also true that the majority don’t.

The Christians who have had and continue to have the desire of being like Jesus, the majority of them, wouldn’t even try to become the friends of sinners, at the same time they are claiming to be followers of Jesus, I simply don’t get it.

If  Jesus was killed because of his vision for humanity by religion, why did they create another religion on his name? The reason is simple, since the beginning, the same disciples didn’t want to understand Jesus’ vision, they would have to do what he was doing which they never wanted. So it was easier to use the name of Jesus to establish a new religion than to simply do what Jesus was doing such as becoming “friends of sinners”.

The fact that they called Jesus “a friend of sinners” is a sign that they don’t want to be like Him. They were the ones looking at it that way, Jesus was being normal with human beings as his equal, but in their eyes, there was a distinction, those human beings were sinners, not equal with them, not entitled to the same privileges. Now, after Jesus died, they are the ones representing Him, they are free to interpret Jesus’ actions their ways. They don’t want to be friends of sinners, they want the sinners to repent, to accept Jesus, etc…Keep in mind, bible scholars, throughout Jesus’reported actions, He was associating himself with sinners, (That is how the Jews usually call those who supposedly don’t behave as they should, according to the law of Moses) not asking sinners to repent nor to accept him. Anyone claiming to follow Jesus has no other choice than to do what Jesus was doing.

So Jesus was killed because He was a sinner according to the law of Moses, and one of the sins he committed was Blasphemy. He was claiming He was God or the Son of God, that is blasphemy and the sentence for this sin was death. The death of Jesus was legal,  according to the law of Moses. Christians don’t want to say that because they built their religion on the death of Jesus as a sacrifice. What matters to Christians is the way they interpret the death of Jesus, not the work of Jesus, simply because they don’t want to be like Jesus, they don’t want to be “friends of sinners.” The message of Christians is that Sinners have to repent, but that has nothing to do with actually what Jesus was doing and what He stood for.

In other words, if Jesus was alive TODAY, surely he would stand against Christianity, the same way he stood against Judaism, he would call Christians leaders ” hypocrite” the same way he called the Jews leaders, preaching one thing but doing the exact opposite.

Surely, the Christian leaders would react the same way the Jews leaders reacted against Jesus, maybe the Christian leaders won’t kill Him the same way because there is no such law, but they would call him “false prophet” ‘Antichrist”.

For Example, Jesus would never wait for Obama to be president to facilitate equal sex marriage right. Jesus didn’t wait for the feminist liberation movement to have women with the same right as men, Jesus didn’t wait for the UN to declare that slavery was a crime against humanity to show that the real master should rather serve than wait to be served. Jesus made it clear that the only reason why we have poor people is because of rich people that somehow had stolen from others.  The Christian church leaders stood against all these examples unless they were forced to accept some of them.

The Jesus they don’t talk about is the Jesus we should call ” friend of humans” based on everything he did and stood against. Jesus is the friend of anyone whom the right has been violated one way or another. Can we say the same for Christians? What role are Christians playing in the suffering, the misery of the people besides giving them “hope” when they are not the ones violating those rights?

As I said earlier, Jesus until his last breath was a Jew, although he stood up against Jewish oligarchy. I have been a Christian all my life, and I do identify myself as a disciple of the real Jesus, the one Christians don’t want to talk about. Although like Jesus as well as all other martyrs before or after him, I am not able to change this world, I am still promoting that it can be a better place if collectively we embrace this road. If Christian leaders want to do a better job, they simply have two things to do:

a) Change the focus when it comes to talking about Jesus. It really doesn’t matter to talk about his birth, his resurrection, his second coming, at the end of the day, he was killed for a reason. Also, the entire world would never unite around those beliefs. The focus on who he really was based only on his retold actions taken without any oriented interpretation, and what he stood against are the unique things that matter and can bring unity around the world.

b) If Christian leaders want to promote Jesus’s values, first they have to show the example by selling everything they have and distribute to the poor and then encourage everyone else to do the same. When we look at the assets of the Vatican along with other Christian denominations, it is obvious that they don’t want to be like Jesus. They need first to convert all these assets into help for the poor; they need to tell the richest people in this world that what they have doesn’t belong to them, no matter how they have gained them. They need to be a defensor and a protector for the oppressed, the abused, the orphans, the disabled, the weak, the unfortunate, the rejected, etc. They need to show respect to anyone’s right to be and then promote the same respect and tolerance.

If another world is to come, let’s make this one a better world first. The best life one can have is the one he/she has, it cannot be the one that he/she will have in a certain future. And Jesus didn’t stay at one place saying to people: ” Wait until I come back I will help you” Noooo, He helped everyone he could when he was on earth. We know Christian Leaders are wrong when they focus on when Jesus comes back instead of doing and promoting exactly what Jesus was doing. A real God should be a God of logic, this world becoming a better world for all makes more sense than to promoting and/or talking about another futuristic one.

God and the Bible

Nowadays, the arguments against the authenticity, the indubitable character  and the  proof of an Almighty God’s existence from the Bible have overwhelmingly grown.

The multiple contradictions, the inaccuracy of certain events and the forgery of others have put the Bible scholars in a bad shape.

In addition to the proven data found, the mistranslated portions and the usurpation of authors’ names are some of the challenges the Bible scholars are still facing unsuccessfully.

When for thousands of years, a perception of the truth has established itself as unquestionable and all of the sudden, the challenges faced are insuperable; it is quite alarming for those who not only died for defending this truth but also for those actually willing  to do so.

Exactly for those people, I am writing this post. In fact, I do not pretend to end with this continuous polemic, neither do I expect to bring any plausible outcome of it. However, there is a question we should all ask ourselves objectively without considering the weight of our oriented beliefs, keeping in mind that I am still a Christian who really knows what he is talking about.

And before I go on, I want to clarify that unless you can question what you  believe without any fear, you are not free. Of course, we were taught to just believe and period, but unfortunately or fortunately, this period of time is completely gone: No one should just believe in anything without comparing the sources, investigating and more importantly without seeing (having a clear and balanced understanding). Now, by questioning what we were taught to just believe in as true, their foundation and accuracy, we may seem like a reluctant believer and  we may even expect to be treated like an outsider, an intruder, or to be categorized anything else; and we should not be worried about that. So, if you are a believer, don’t be afraid of questioning your belief like I do.  I think the Almighty and All Powerful God has nothing to do with a set of beliefs created and manipulated by men.

The question we should all ask ourselves as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, is as followed: Can the Great Almighty and All Powerful GOD be found in the Bible?

According the Bible, the answer is : “NO”

We will never find this kind of GOD in the mix of manipulated, oriented and mistranslated information. Information that often presented a God of confusion,  with little power, unfair, contradicting Himself etc… The more we study the Bible, using all the data we have, the more obvious these evidences are. Please, don’t get me wrong, we are talking only about certain portions of the Bible. Without any intention to discredit the true stories and messages of the Bible, I am considering the confusing parts where the Bible scholars are inventing explanations that make no sense trying to justify their truthfulness and forcing people to simply believe. Remember, we are talking about written texts that suffered numerous alterations from one language to another, from one context to another, from one period of time to another, and even from one culture to another. When I see people taking it personal, getting emotional because the accuracy of those texts are being questioned, I simply don´t get it:

An Almighty and All Powerful God that often just “tests” his people to prove them His is right /they are wrong or to see  how much faith they have in Him, is questionable. Although the Bible scholars will argue tooth and nail that God ‘s people are the ones who always or most of the times fail  those tests, it remains contradictory when in other similar cases the same God acts differently according to the same Bible.

Nevertheless, the facts are, according to the Bible, as follow: Adam failed: That is the reason why the world is a mess; Abraham failed: That is the reason why the two brothers are continuously fighting against each other); Moses failed: He was not allowed to enter the Canaan; the story of the Israel (Nation) is a constant failure and because of that the All powerful and Almighty God kept on punishing them…What is also surprising is the fact that one way God punishes them is to allow other nations those that don’t even believe in Him to enslave or dominate over Israel.  The Almighty and All Powerful God is then always asking them to repent, to turn back to Him so that He can bless them again, and again, and again; and then the Christians, with a different message from the same God, this time through Jesus Christ, the Messiah supposedly rejected by Israel. The same God that clearly instructed Israel not to use any creature, object or whatever to get to Him, is now saying that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one gets to God except through Jesus. Christians will argue that’s the way, the only way: There is no other way to get forgiveness for sins and to be saved but through Jesus Christ. It sounds like the Almighty God changes the process since prior to Jesus, God’s people (Israel/Judah) could just confess their sin, repent and then they were forgiven.  Of course, Christians will find an explanation and try to prove they are right. Then the Muslims with Mohammed as their last prophet claiming that the promise made to Abraham was for Ismael descendants, the big brother, not Israel the little one. A Muslim is fully committed to follow the dictations of Mohammed: He is not questionable, period.

The same Almighty and All Powerful God had spoken about the end of the times and the resurrection through different prophets (Daniel, Ezekiel, Jesus, Paul, John, Mohammed, the Americans etc.), not only each one is different, but worse, they are many interpretations of each one. Again, how does an Almighty and All Powerful God willing to tell the future to his people let them so lost about understanding it the only way it is? Why do they have to have their own view about it if it really comes from the same source? Based on what evidence would someone prove one is right and the rest are wrong, if they are all using the Bible?

By the way, when we simply listen to their respective subjective arguments, each one will sound right, although they are some key historical and objective facts that can discredit one while favoring another.

When because of the Bible most people don’t find it fair enough that an Almighty and All Powerful God could have led the human history that way, and as a result, choose to deny His existence, they seem to have a case, because the more the Bible scholars explain, justify, deeper is the bridge that separates them to the ones who are challenging the Bible and even more when  using historical data.

If the idea that there is One super God, and other gods(also with some type of power) is true, then we need to find Him where human beings with the help of these gods can’t misrepresent, can’t manipulate, can’t disorient the information about Him.

We need to find HIM where the proof of His Super power resides unquestionably, where the proof of HIS  love for humanity is undeniably shown within us leading us to understand, to tolerate and love each other. Also, the Bible scholars have to think it twice when willing to mention Prophecies and Miracles from the Bible as a great proof of identifying the All Powerful and Almighty God:

  • Prophecies: In almost all civilizations and beliefs, we have found people with special power to predict some type of events, the Bible has repeatedly referred to those (although as false), so the prophecies found in the Bible and verified through the Bible cannot on their own prove that the inspirations that those prophets received are from the Almighty God. Besides, lot of prophecies are being interpreted differently by over thousand views, which pretend each one to be from the same Almighty and All Powerful God. It is impossible for the Almighty and All Powerful God not to allow those who desperately believe they have been inspired by HIM, to understand prophecies the same way.
  •  Miracles: All Beliefs through all ages have claimed the power of doing or experiencing miracles. In fact, miracles still take place everywhere. So, the miracles reported in The Christian Bible, the Jewish Bible and The Koran are not unique to them, The Almighty and All Powerful God cannot be found in the Bible through Miracles.

So, why did I say that the Bible itself says where to find GOD?

The King David, a proven Israel King around a thousand years BC wrote in Psalms 19 and I am quoting:

” The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the  firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge…”

Clearly, king David anticipated that if we want to find God, we simply need to take a look at the universe, and we will soon get to the same conclusion as him. There is no in between, no misinterpretation, no translation, no forgery. Everyone can confess they have never been able to see the SUN, but they do know it exists, and because of its immensity and its temperature, no one can get close to it. If we agree that the sun doesn’t move, and that the sun makes life possible on earth, certainly we can ask: how does the sun come to exist? Should the sun be a result of the Big Ban theory or was the sun in fact created?

By the process of elimination, any scientist will have to admit that the sun has to be created until proven otherwise, if not there is no other way for it to make sense. And, if still no one can get close the sun and remains alive, no one can even contemplate it like we do with the moon, we need to conclude that its creator, the real source of energy, the real source of life,  has to be less approachable.

Again, according to David, God’s power and love are obvious throughout His creation: no faith needed.

Each single human being, or group of human beings claiming that they know God in all His Immensity and dimension, and that they can even speak for Him are simply hallucinating; if not, they would have to show full knowledge of at least all things created such as the sun, men etc. This is basic logic: How should one be able to know the creator if he/she doesn’t have a full knowledge of his creatures/works? Mostly, those people claiming to speak on God’s behalf, don’t even fully know themselves ( as God’s creatures).

Can I pretend knowing Plato if I don’t know ALL his works? The problem we have here is a society characterized by talking about people, things and places they don’t really know. The Bible scholars are not an exception, on the contrary, they are so blind that they don’t mind inducing the whole human race in their obsession of knowing God rather than stepping back and reconsider the foundation, the logic of their beliefs.

First, The God they claim talking about is the One who supposedly created the whole universe, the Sun included, no one has ever been able to approach the sun, while everyone benefits from its temperature. In other words, God created a material world, He also created men, but men invented that we need to find the Creator in a Spiritual world: Makes no sense at all. We need to a priori understand, dominate the material world we are living in, then, if we have not found God within His creation, we may surely come up with this as an alternative.

As we are looking forward to seeing what the Rosetta mission, the first one in human history with that caliber,  will bring to humanity as information through Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, we as human beings must reach the stage of understanding the fact that if there is an Almighty and Al Powerful God, the best way to find Him is through His creation which as of today has not been manipulated by men. Each time the Bible is used to show God to the world, it is becoming a waste of time because people who want to understand and to know, will challenge it with no way out.  The Bible doesn’t unite humanity, instead, it creates more confusion, that is why around the Bible ( sacred book) there are that many interpretations and beliefs. On the other hand, the sun as maybe the most important and indispensable element in our solar system, does unite humanity.

The next question is: If there is an Almighty and All Powerful God, first of all, does He have a plan for humanity? If yes,  where then can we find it?




Do you really want to hear about this topic from a different view?

Well, Well, Well… Of course, it goes beyond all kind of imagination.

I will never be able to separate myself from my original belief throughout my writings which is: I am a Believer in GOD, in Science and technology. I Know that God exists, He is Real, All Powerful. However, I also believe that our lack of knowledge is what separates us from knowing Him fully. That is why I believe the more Science and Technology grow, the closer we are to Him.

As we know, there are many views and interpretations of the human origin. As of today, I still believe that Man was created, as well as the Universe. I already established the fact that if someone else believes otherwise, it is fine. What I am about to elaborate on as a result of my belief in GOD and the human creation will bring hope to the human race  totally.

No one on earth has ever lived in a different world than this one, where there is only good and no bad. It is quite foolish to even think about a world where there will be only “good” and that “bad” would have disappeared. We have no evidence, no reference from someone who had lived in a world without the “bad”.  Some even said that it won’t make any sense, a world without one of these two. Keep in mind that the term “good” or “bad” isn’t only referred to man. We can also refer to good or bad weather for example. The only reference the human race has about the origin of the good and the bad comes from what supposedly happened in the garden of Eden.

According to this reference, everything was simply “good” at the beginning.  The only first two human on earth, Adam and Eve have tasted for a very brief period of time what living in a world only good means. But everything changes as soon as they ate the prohibited fruit. Okay.

As vague and simple it may look like, that is the only tangible and sustainable explanation we have, historically talking. No one has to believe in it as true, literally or symbolically, the fact is: we live, since then, in a world with good and bad.

I know, the Seventh Day Adventist church will never accept and support the theory that I am about to promote in relation to the Mystery of Salvation for All, nor will any Christian Church. Although Dr. Elizabeth  Talbot, a Seven Day Adventist Pastor is promoting the Mega News from the book of Luke: Salvation for ALL, it is not quite an idea that the Church is willing to join fully. She said clearly that according to the Gospel of Luke, Salvation has been secured  for ALL.

What I am saying  that I don’t know if she would say is that ALL means everyone: the religious and the non religious, the believers and the non believers, each and every single human being has been granted salvation without having to believe it. That is my full interpretation of Salvation for ALL.

First statement: No one has ever fully understood God’s Nature:

When someone talks about God, he/she refers to what supposedly God is to him/her. Human beings as we are, the more we get to understand and to know the world we live in on a daily basis, the more we will understand and know GOD, as a result, the closer we will be to Him. I want to establish this view before moving on because some of us will try to talk about God as He is in reality, when in fact, they will be talking about Him according to what He is to them.

Nowadays, what sense does it make to someone, hearing about Salvation if this person has no idea about its origin?

Christians established the fact that Salvation is for All but at least only those who accept it will get it. In other words, if you don’t accept it, you will be lost.

Common sense: Why do I need to accept Salvation if I don’t know when and why I don’t have it. I don’t even know its purpose.

Let’s look at the Christian interpretation about Salvation:

Adam and Eve were created perfect to live eternal life, but they failed to obey God and committed sin, consequently, God punished them to death, as a result, they became impure, imperfect, sinners and the whole human race carries the same consequences. Since Adam and Eve are our first ancestors, because of what they did, no human being can be perfect anymore, we are all lost. We have to suffer in this life and die. Now, Jesus Christ Came on earth and gave His life to rescue humanity from death and give them eternal life back. But, we still have to suffer and die in this life, if we accept His sacrifice, then when He comes back, He will give us (those who believe and follow Him) eternal life and everything will be perfect again. Meanwhile, we still can feel His presence, His help when we seek Him.

My problem with Christians’ view:

Christians are “stealing” Israel’s God (They use the history of God with Israel, first testament) and they add the history of Jesus the Messiah also God to them, and they have their Holy book called the Bible. Now they are trying to expand and to make Israel’s God, the world’s God. I really don’t mind, in addition, thanks to them, I got to know God.

They want the world to  believe that we are lost and we will be lost when the end comes if we don’t believe and accept Jesus as our Savior. They have introduced  the Concept of Salvation for All, but they put a price on it. They basically gave up on this world (to them nothing good can come from it) and only a few will get to the other world. Christians like other religions, forget above all and after all we are all human with the same problems, and that our first concern should be the well being of humanity.

In all four Gospels they use in the Bible, it is clearly shown that Jesus’ first concern was the well being of the humanity: justice, tolerance, respect, equality etc.

Christians have failed to look at the big picture:

If we are to believe in what is reported as the Origin of Man: then, God is the Creator of Man, God is the God of Man, not the God of a pre-selected nation called Israel, He is the God of the Egyptians who kept Israel in captivity for 400 years, He is the God of Buddhists whom we have no sign in the Bible and all other surrounding Nations to Israel and to the whole World historically and geographically.

While all human beings are in the same mess because of what one and the first man did, if this is true, why do Christians pretend that what they call Salvation can’t be for All through the One they said, came to save the whole word? In other words, why if it is true that we are all lost because of one and the first man, without us choosing it, can’t we be all rescued the same way, without choosing it, because Jesus Christ decided voluntarily to offer himself in sacrifice to rescue us? Adam, being the first human,  had so much power that what he did affected humanity in full, and we are not able to change it, but, isn’t Jesus Greater than Adam? In that case, why can’t Christians understand that Jesus’ sacrifice should not be anyway exclusive, whether one believes or not.

If another world has to come to substitute this one, shouldn’t it be because the Creator has found a way to fix the problem from its origin? If one man can enter to the new world, all human should because we are not the ones who originally mess this one up, why should some of us be excluded?

In order to fully understand the Mystery of Salvation, we simply need to understand the Mystery of being lost.

Even before we are born, we are already lost –  because of what happened in the garden of Eden. We don’t need to choose it, the devil is inside us,  each man carries a beast inside, a spirit that leads us to hate, to be bad to ourselves and to others. The fight in between ourselves is the greatest one ever. We don’t have it all to the same degree, but we all do at some level.  How Am I responsible for the bad spirit I carry inside when I have not chosen it? My point here is simple: God has taken full responsibility for what happened in Eden.

Human have been able to overcome a lot of differences such as Slavery, discrimination, tolerance etc. Although Christians and other religions are to promote all good manners, human rights, including tolerance according to their Holy Book, bizarrely, civil rights movements are the ones that have been pushing towards those goals. As times pass by, human beings are getting to understand each other more, tolerate each other more, and even love each other more.  Although much more need to be done, we are happy to live in a better world today than two millennium ago, and for sure, two millennium after, the world will be much better.

Now, let’s go back on our topic: If Salvation is for All, that means, it is not only for Christians, obviously we can’t all be christian, nor it is only for Jews.  If Christians want to keep promoting Salvation for All, they need to start promoting the fairness of God: God is fair enough not to let perish the whole humanity, nor part of it because of what happened at the very beginning of human’s life.

The same way we couldn’t change our destiny when one and the first man committed sin, neither can we change the redemption that was brought to us through One Man, even Bigger and Greater than the one who committed sin, the Son of God, also God.

Only when we get to understand the Mystery of Salvation, we will realize that it is no longer an issue, it is really secured for all and that our focus should be to get the whole human race  ready to live with each other without any type of injustice, intolerance, and discrimination while we are transiting through this world.

Part 2 is coming.






I wanna be a source of blessings to you


                        I WANNA BE


I may be going through a hard time;

Like everyone else, I may be having a bad day;

But, as soon as you get in touch with me,

I wanna be a source of blessings to you.


I may be feeling pain or facing a serious illness;

I may be in prison, or sentenced to death;

I may be living my last minute on earth;

But as soon as you get in touch with me,

I want you to see hope through my eyes.


I may be feeling depressed, not having a job;

I may have just lost a loved one,

But as soon as you get in touch with me,

I want you to get the best of this moment.




You may have hurt me, betrayed me;

You may have put me in trouble,

You may not like me, covet what I have, You may even want me dead;

But as soon as you get in touch with me,

I still wanna be a source of blessings to you.


What if I am  the one, who betrayed you, hurt you, put you in trouble, wanted you dead,

Coveted what you had, didn’t like you at all?

Just know  that today, I want to reach out to you,

And be a source of blessings to you.





Dr. Ashley Pierre,



Just be a Human

I don’t need to  think like you;  I don’t need to believe like you;                                                           I don’t need to behave like you;  To be a good man, I only need to be a Human.

I don’t need to be  a Christian; I don’t need to be a Jews;                                                                       I don’t need to be a Muslim;  To be a good man, I only need to be a Human.

I don’t need to be American, I don’t need to be European;                                                                     I don’t need to be African, Hispanic, Asian;  To be a good man, I only need to be a Human.

I don’t need to be Black; I don’t need to be Yellow;                                                                                     I don’t need to White;  To be a good man, I only need to be a Human.